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Plan Shman

March 10, 2009
*No links this entry. and no pictures or videos. Just good ol’ fashioned writing.*

Hi, Blog. Welcome back to me. It’s good to see you again, especially after a rough weekend, you know, with the breakup and all.

Despite that looming feeling that something wasn’t right in the relationship, I thought we could work through it. I always said, “if we’re having issues you need to tell me what’s on your mind. Especially after some of the things you let slip. Because I want it to work out, and I like you.”

“I like you, too” was the response.

Well either someone is a great actor, or someone is really confused. And the whole having the break up talk while I’m blackout drunk was NOT part of the plan. Even if I may have kind of sort of maybe initiated the conversation by trying to drag out whether or not things were okay between us. Still…not part of the plan. At all.

I remember before we met and starting the whole dating thing I didn’t want a relationship at all. In fact, I even told all my friends after we starting seeing each other pretty frequently that it’s not going farther than just casually dating or whatever. It wasn’t exclusive, and we hadn’t even talked about anything.

But that went on for two months…and by two months it was time to talk. Someone wanted more, but I wanted to keep things open. That was the plan. A week later I wanted a relationship, but lo and behold, those feelings weren’t mutual anymore. Fine.
And then a few days later, a relationship was born. Talk about going against the plans.

In total, we we unofficial for 3 months and official for about 3 weeks. I never planned on anything that happened in the course of that 4 month time span.

Which I suppose makes perfect sense.

Nothing ever goes according to plan; it seems that is just the way of the world. This, naturally, is true for new media technology as well. I know, me tying my life drama into new media academia is a bit of a stretch, but the metaphor is constant. New technologies are invented, and unfathomable uses for said technologies become fathomed. No one ever expects certain things to become fads. Take Facebook, and Twitter for examples. Social networking has spiraled almost out of control. With the micro-details of everyones personal life flying through the Internet free as birds (my details, obviously, included) there’s been so many developments that no one could have predicted upon the introduction of such technologies.

We all know that things will change. But knowing how they will change is the variable. It is the challenge that we have to deal with, and maybe even part of the fun. But just like everything in life, change is complicated. Especially with relationships, and especially with how new media technology is impacting our everyday lives. Our technologies are practically as day-to-day as our relationships are, and the drama that follows is just as natural.

But, in this time, the best advice is that, we can’t control what happens, we can only control our reaction to it. The music industry is struggling to learn these lessons, from how it has acted in the past decade in response to MP3s and file sharing and new media technology that involves digital music.
Hard work and good intentions will go far, and some general intelligent oversight will go a long way — in relationships and in developing a new technology–but nothing protects us from what we don’t know.
Does that mean eventually we will succumb to our technological advancements and that machines will finally rule the world? I don’t think so. But it means that, while we will probably end up okay, we’re always going to be developing, advancing, expanding, and learning. Maybe it is the big picture we need to focus on, and just keep on taking new and unforeseen innovations and making the best of them. Controlling our reactions instead of trying to control what we can’t control. That is the only way we won’t fall victim to our “plans.”
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  1. Darius D permalink
    March 11, 2009 5:07 PM

    Hahaha I love the opening. Your bit about relationships is interesting because in the context of Plan B, I definitely defaulted to personal plans for myself. The whole dating scene is laden with Plan Bs. A relationship that is intended for a summer, semester or life plans seem like terrible ideas. Hell, marriage seems like a setup for having to create subsections to your plans. Having your first kid must be like Plan C, Subsection 2a.Your point about the music industry is a very good one. Many independent organizations have been trying to figure out a way in this industry will work and how intellectual property will be designed for the future. The film industry, as you probably realize, is trying to tackle this issue as well. Even education experts are in a pickle, trying to figure out how to update rules for what is a legitimate source of information in the Age of the internet. Copying information directly from Wikipedia is pretty silly but simply telling kids they can’t use it under *any* circumstances is somewhat counterintuitive for them and unproductive. It’s just another indicator of how plans set us up for defeat.

  2. Brett permalink
    March 12, 2009 5:14 PM

    Haha Plan C Subsection 2a. So true. It’s just how we are conditioned, I guess. I think your last sentence sums up my post entirely. Plans, or even, I venture to say, expectations, are never guarantees. I often find myself saying that the only thing that won’t change is that everything will change. Sigh. One of the many reasons that Life is a bitch, I suppose.

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