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omg text messaging get out

May 4, 2009

Yesterday I had a digi-déjà-vu experience. I’ve talked lots and lots about how tech has infested our lives in so many ways. This is another of those “omg get out of my life technology” experiences.

I have a friend, we used to date. We’re best friends, by someone’s definition somewhere. But from June 2007-February 2009, we didn’t talk. For a number of those months, we weren’t even facebook friends, and not on each other’s buddy lists. So we were completely digitally disconnected. With “digitally” being superfluous in this situation since we had no forms of communication between us that were not digital. Goes to show just how important technology is in our lives and relationships.
When we reconnected in February, we talked on the phone (old fashioned) and then re-friended each other on Facebook (new school). There was some wall-to-walling, as we happily spent a few days talking and catching up. Some weeks after, our daily communication dwindled down to a few times a week, then less. Unless there was a major issue in one of our lives, we almost never talked (read: IM’d). It was fine.
It was fine because we were living our own lives and the lack of proaction on the other end didn’t justify me going out of my way to chit chat more than I did, either. But, after some weeks of no interaction, I get a phone call. Someone’s having a problem and needs to talk to me because I’m trustworthy, etc. I am a good friend and I will always be there for someone I care(d) about so much. So we have that conversation, and after, I realize that friendship needs to be on a more two-way street. It shouldn’t just be when there are problems or issues. I became indifferent on whether we talked, and I was fine with not having that in my life. Weird, since it used to be the only thing that I wanted back in my life.
I got an instant message a few days ago though with a cell phone number. The previous phone had been disconnected for over a year, so there had been no cell phone to cell phone contact for us (i.e. no text messaging. :gasp:)
With the new phone came an unlimited texting plan, though. And I happen to be a slave to texting. Oddly enough, with the connection established between us via text messaging, I felt like I was letting this person back into my life. I felt an active bond that I had not experienced in a while. I am aware that technology plays an unequivocally integral role in so many facets of my life, but it’s dominance over my emotions seems a bit shocking and a bit odd.
As a product of this tech-generation, I am not surprised at technology’s role in my life, but I am impressed that it has permeated so greatly into my very being. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing, but I know that it is something. Being aware of it, though, should be helpful, and I think it is something that we all need to be mindful of: know just how far you are willing to let technology into your life. It’s pulling more strings than you think, and despite how much we value our tech, we can’t afford to be puppeted by it.
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