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Boo, Mitch Albom

June 29, 2009

Mitch Albom:

I normally love your writing, and I normally agree with it. But, after your June 28 column chastising the American public for honoring Michael Jackson, I am disappointed.
Shame on you for turning a tragic event into a opportunity to insult. This is an offensive and unnecessary attack on Michael Jackson, his fans, and his legacy. Give credit where credit is due — and it is due unquestionably in the case of Jackson. Don’t use the sudden (and very recent) death of a true Icon to criticize the American public. You adequately point out that “Death aggrandizes life”, but you have to separate his personal life from yours. For his incredible talent and successes, Michael Jackson deserves all the praise he is being dealt. For once, America’s got it right, and you’ve got it wrong. We see him for his creative contributions to the music world and the enormous social impact he had. Spare me the crap about being in debt, veiling his children, changing skin color, and the sexual assault court case — his legacy is in his art, and that is really all you need to focus on.
And, please, what is so “un-real” about a man wearing lipstick. I thought you were more cultured, accepting, and understanding than that. That remark is purely offensive and nothing else.
Your column on those stupid, irresponsible “parents” taking their kids to see “The Hangover” is redeeming, and much more worthy of your pointing finger.
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