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Joel Tenenbaum…FYL.

August 2, 2009

its old news but…

the RIAA wins again…(thanks to ArsTechnica)
The way this and the Jammie Thomas case played out was not what I expected, to say the least. There were very few correct turns made during these two cases, and although the court system worked as it should…the outcome is just not where it it needs to be at this point in time. Still, the bulk of the value of these outcomes are for publicity related RIAA goals: to get people to stop downloading (for free) and start buying music. It’s not as if the RIAA is going to get paid here…
But really…selling music not even the business they want to be in anymore: on iTunes you don’t “buy” music…you license it. You license it because you clearly dont own it and you cannot do what you please with it (within your own, arguable, legal rights). When you have a CD…can you rip it to your computer without breaking the law (or should you be able to?) – yes! You don’t own the content on the CD but you own the media, and you have individual rights to do things with that media, so long as you dont infringe on the owner of the contents’ rights.
The recorded music industry is not doing as bad as they say, and their business model is so convoluted that even when it makes sense it doesnt make sense. CDs are for cars and MP3s are for iPods/personal use, and the industry is not being the friend to the consumer that it needs to be in order to make people WANT to support the industry. I love music, I want to work in entertainment, but how can I, as a consumer, support a business that I know does not favor me as their client?
I will edit this post later. It’s a bit of a mess but I wanted to get it up here.
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