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Copy[written], So Don’t Copy Me

October 21, 2009

1. Hip Hop sampling Imogen Heap? A recent song, at that. Very interesting. I don’t know how I feel about it. I don’t think I like it. I like both songs, but I feel awkward/guilty liking a song that straight up rips a hook from a relatively recent song. Its almost creative to the point of being not creative. Kind of like Kid Cudi’s Make Her Say (ripping off Lady GaGa’s Poker Face). YouTube them if you want to see…or, a good segue into point two, is

2. You can probably both those songs juxaposed at
I just discovered this. Haven’t checked it out much, but looks like quite the interesting project. The tagline is “exploring and discussing the DNA of music.” I like the idea a lot, and I’m sure we can all learn a lot about sampling and its pervasiveness in how we make music today, given how wide and flexible the creative spectrum is now.

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